Машини и материали за монтаж на печатни платки


Машини за 2D и 3D автоматичен оптичен контрол (AOI) на качеството при монтаж на печатни платки



Vi TECHNOLOGY е френска фирма основана през 1992 г. Специализирана е в производството на машини за автоматичен оптичен контрол (AOI) след нанасянето на спояваща паста (SPI), монтажа на компоненти и спояването на печатни платки. Машините работят на база на патентования метод за обработка на векторни изображения (Vectoral Imaging), с който фирмата е завоювала позиции на водещ световен производител. Основните предлагани модели са:


2K Spectro 2K SPECTRO

The 2K Series is an inspection and
process control solution enabling a
100% defect detection including
presence, absence, polarity, placement
accuracy, OCV as well as lifted lead
inspection and sensitive solder
joints & bridges. The 2K Series improves
SMT line yield through print,
placement & reflow Process Control.
5K Spectro 5K SPECTRO Series

The 5K Series offers flexibility for wider
board applications and benefits from all
the latest Vi TECHNOLOGY® innovations,
including Selective 3D AOI technology

for accurate tilt and coplanarity
measurement of ICs, connectors and
passive components if 3D inspection of
specific parameters is required. The
series also provides enhanced color
viewing on the DefectViewer station to
facilitate operator repair jobs.
8K Spectro
8K SPECTRO Dual Lane Series

The 8K SPECTRO is based on Vi TECHNOLOGY®
new lighting system delivering a high quality
color image. Main benefits are increased
test coverage and accuracy,
and inspection time reduction.
The 8K series offers large-board capabilities
up to 21” x 12,8” for each of the two lanes

9K Spectro 9K SPECTRO Heavy Board Series

The 9K Heavy Board AOI is an inspection
and process control solution dedicated
to heavy PCBAs up to 15 kg and
21” x 24”. The 9K HB has been designed
with best-in-class hardware and
software technologies to provide
highest performances for automatic
inspection on heavy PCBAs especially
on telecom, infrastructure and
networking market segments. 
Vi - 3D 3D AOI

Using proprietary 3D sensor,
developed and manufactured
in Europe, K Series3D is the
legitimate successor of K Series
offering accurate measurement
for component body and joint