Машини и материали за монтаж на печатни платки


Машини за депанелизиране на печатни платки



CAB е немска фирма основана през 1975 г. Специализирана е в производството на магазини за редене на печатни платки, за машини за разделяне на единични печатни платки от панели и машини за печатене на етикети.


PCB Separator MAESTRO 2 / 2M

PCB Separator MAESTRO 2 / 2M

Compact, fast and economical PCB separator
for PCBs with pre-scored groove:

Separation type circular blade
Operation MAESTRO 2 by hand
Operation MAESTRO 2M motorized
Separation speed 2M 100/200/300 mm/s
Separation length 15 - 300 mm
PCB Separator MAESTRO 3E

PCB Separator MAESTRO 3E

PCB Separator for small and large PCBs
and for PCBs with pre-scored groove:

Separation type
circular blade/linear blade

Operation manual
Separation length up to 450 mm

PCB Separator MAESTRO 4S

The MAESTRO separate PCBs with a
thickness up to 3.2 mm.
Aluminum PCBs have to be separated.

Seapration motorized
Cutting speed 300/500 mm/s.
Cutting steps 5 steps
Separation length up to 450/600 mm
PCB Separator MAESTRO 5L

PCB Separator MAESTRO 5L

For automatic separation of PCBs
with pre-sored groove:

Separation type circular blades,
max. 10 circular blades

Seapration motorized
Separation speed 100-220 mm/s.
can be set in 10 steps
Separation length 100 - 570 mm
when light barrier activated

Off-cut Remover Hektor 2

Hektor separates milled PCBs carefully
and fast. The offcut material is removed
smoothly and precisely.

Separation type Punch blade
PCB thickness max. 2.5 mm
Air connection 1/4"-plug-in coupler
Operating pressure typical 4 bar



TWS е италианска фирма основана през 1997 г. Произвежда широка гама машини за насищане на печатни платки за фирми с малък и среден обем производство.


TWS DM 500

 DM 500 Depanelling Machine

The Depanelling machine DM 500 allows easy and safe separation
of panelized scored boards without damaging delicate SMD components.

Power supply: 110 Volt - 220 Volt
Power consumption: 200 Watt
Maximum separation: length 400 mm
Disc diameter: 150 mm
Dimensions: 350x700x450 mm (Depth x Width x Height)
Net weight: 37 Kg
Packaging: 380x720x500 mm (Depth x Width x Height)
Gross weight: 40 Kg