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Soldering Stations Soldering Stations
PACE is pleased to offer the latest advancement in technology and productivity enhancing solutions for production soldering operations.  Our systems provide reliable and efficient soldering for thru-hole, SMT, hybrid and other soldering applications.  PACE offers a wide range of single channel soldering stations to meet your exacting specifications.
Desoldering Stations Desoldering Stations
PACE's Desoldering Systems are the finest available.  No other competitor has the experience or innovation with desoldering as PACE does.  Afterall, we invented the very first self-contained vacuum desoldering system!  Desoldering systems are available in analog or digital control and have a wide variety of features to choose from.  Systems are available with vacuum pumps or with venturis for use with shop air.  All of our Desoldering systems come standard with our SX-90 Sodr-X-Tractor, the best performing and hardest to clog extraction tool on the market today.  Give the SX-90 and the SX-90 tips a try, we know you will love them!
Conductive Rework Systems Conductive Rework Systems
PACE offers a broad range of rework and repair products to meet all your PCB needs. Whether you are replacing a surface mount component, repairing a multi-layer printed circuit board or making a plated thru-hole repair, PACE systems offer maximum versatility and easy of use.
Convective Rework Systems Convective Rework Systems
PACE Convective systems are ideal for removing Surface Mount Components as they leave little residual solder on the PCB. They are also appropriate for installing leaded components with solder paste and for installing components without visible leads, such as BGA's, MLF's, LGA's, and LCC's. PACE is pleased to offer three systems to meet your exacting specifications.



 Modular stations systemModular stations system

 Premium Stations Premium Stations



Entry Level Rework StationsEntry Level The PDR IR-C3 Chipmate entry level SMT/BGA rework system is specifically designed to be lower cost but still cope with the challenges of repairing today's small, medium sized PCB assemblies. Mid Range Rework Stations Mid Range Rework
PDR's Mid-Range rework systems are specifically designed to be lower cost but cope with the challenges of repairing today's PCB assemblies. High End ReworkHigh End Rework  The PDR range of High-End rework systems are specifically designed to be ultra-accurate while providing the ultimate performance when repairing today's PCB assemblies.