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About us 

    The scope of activity of our company is the supply, installation, training, warranty and after warranty service of machines and automatic lines for

  • Assembly

  • Dispensing

  • Cleaning

  • Conformal coating

  • Inspection and rework

of printed circuit boards (PCB’s) as well as materials for soldering, cleaning and coating them.

Yamaha Heller SP 710 Pillarhouse SMD5

    Amtest EOOD was established in 2002. Before that, starting in 1990 or team was dealing with the same products through the local representative office of the respective manufacturers.

    For many years, our partners have been the world’s leading Manufacturers – Yamaha, Heller Industries, Saki, Humiseal, Kester, PVA, Pillarhouse, ASSCON, KIC, JBC Soldering, cab etc.

    We have installed and maintain over 15 SMT lines and more than 400 machines for assembly, soldering, inspection, cleaning and coating of PCB’s. We have supplied tens of tons of solder paste, wire and bar as well as many thousands of liters of flux and coating materials.

    More than 100 companies all over Bulgaria use our products – from the smallest ones to the branches of the large foreign manufacturers with over 1000 employees.

    We provide assistance in the optimization of the respective technologies and production costs. Over the years our engineers put into operation for the first time in Bulgaria machines for automatic dispensing of solder paste and glue, automatic optical inspection (AOI) of boards in the assembly line, automatic selective coating, vapor phase soldering and others.

    The most frequently ordered materials, spare parts and consumables are permanently available in our warehouse.

    Together with our partners we regularly analyze the technological improvements in order to respond in the best possible way to your requirements. 

    Please contact us here for any further details.