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Machines and materials for PCB assembly


Automated Optical Inspection systems (AOI)



2K Spectro 2K SPECTRO

The 2K Series is an inspection and
process control solution enabling a
100% defect detection including
presence, absence, polarity, placement
accuracy, OCV as well as lifted lead
inspection and sensitive solder
joints & bridges. The 2K Series improves
SMT line yield through print,
placement & reflow Process Control.
5K Spectro 5K SPECTRO Series

The 5K Series offers flexibility for wider
board applications and benefits from all
the latest Vi TECHNOLOGY® innovations,
including Selective 3D AOI technology

for accurate tilt and coplanarity
measurement of ICs, connectors and
passive components if 3D inspection of
specific parameters is required. The
series also provides enhanced color
viewing on the DefectViewer station to
facilitate operator repair jobs.
7K Spectro
7K SPECTRO Dual Lane Series

The 7K Dual Lane Series offers large-board
capabilities up to 21’’ x 11’’ for each of the
two lanes. The multi-segment dual-lane
conveyors respond to floor-space
constraints as well as AOI productivity
concerns to meet customer expectations
regarding cost/quality optimization.

9K Spectro 9K SPECTRO Heavy Board Series

The 9K Heavy Board AOI is an inspection
and process control solution dedicated
to heavy PCBAs up to 15 kg and
21” x 24”. The 9K HB has been designed
with best-in-class hardware and
software technologies to provide
highest performances for automatic
inspection on heavy PCBAs especially
on telecom, infrastructure and
networking market segments. 

the world's first 3D Solder paste
inspection system able to measure
PCB warp as well as true solder volume
without shadow effect within cycle time.
On-the fly 3D image acquisition (instead
of stop and move) brings faster 3D
inspection without loss of resolution.
S-100 Data Import S-100 Data Import

σ Link is a modular software solution
enhancing process knowledge.
The Data Import module generates a
VIS file in no time, regardless of the
PCBA complexity. The programming
step is drastically reduced thanks to
quick panel layout definition, easy data
import and panelization, and fiducial
definition on PCBA. The Data Import
module is integrated into Vision20
software suite.