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Machines and materials for PCB assembly


Automatic dispensing machines for solder paste, adhesives or polymer materials for encapsulation, underfill and other methods for protection of components or PCB's



S-910N/S-912N Scalable Dispensing for PCB
 Assembly and Microelectronics Packaging
 Ideal for inline, high-volume applications
 that do not require heat like surface mount
 adhesive, silver epoxy, solder paste,
 and edge- and corner-bonding applications.
S-920N/S-922N Scalable Dispensing Solutions 
for Microelectronics Packaging
With its flexible, scalable configuration, the    
Spectrum S-920N series is the ideal choice for a
wide variety of dispensing applications. It can be
configured with single or dual lanes, and up to six
heat stations with the dual-lane configuration.
S-820 Precision Batch Semiconductor Dispenser
The Spectrum™ S-820 Series system is designed for    
batch production of semiconductor packaging
processes, such as underfill, cavity fill, die attach, and
encapsulation. It's ideal for labs, batch production, and 
new product development.
S-822  Stand Alone Semiconductor Dispenser
The Spectrum S-822 dispenser is designed for     
semiconductor and electronics packaging processes,
such as chip scale package (CSP) underfill, cavity
fill, die attach, and encapsulation. It is a standalone
system with dual-shuttle stages.
Q-6800 Quantum SMT Dispenser
The Quantum Series is the cost effective dispensing 
solution for customers who demand highest 
quality and value for mid- to high-complexity 
dispensing applications.  
D-593 & D-595 DispenseMate 
Benchtop Dispensing System
Designed for a wide variety of dispense applications, 
the DispenseMate® D-593/D-595 system is an 
integrated benchtop with advanced process capabilities 
including closed-loop process control.