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Machines and materials for PCB assembly


Automatic dispensing machines for solder paste, adhesives or polymer materials for encapsulation, underfill and other methods for protection of components or PCB's



D-593 & D-595 DispenseMate 
Benchtop Dispensing System
Designed for a wide variety of dispense applications, 
the DispenseMate® D-593/D-595 system is an 
integrated benchtop with advanced process capabilities 
including closed-loop process control.
Helios SD-960 
The Helios™ SD-960 Series is developed for medium 
to large volume dispensing applications in 
Electronics Assembly, like Thermal Interface 
Material (TIM), Potting, Gasketing and Sealing.
Quantum Q-6800
The Quantum Series is the cost effective dispensing 
solution for customers who demand highest 
quality and value for mid- to high-complexity 
dispensing applications.
Spectrum II Premier S2-900P 
Nordson ASYMTEK's Spectrum™ II Premier meets 
the most challenging semiconductor and mobile 
electronics packaging requirements by 
integrating the IntelliJet® Jetting System 
and other new technologies
Spectrum II S2-900 
Nordson ASYMTEK's Spectrum™ II system 
is the world's most popular fully-automated 
fluid dispenser for highest quality and yield through 
industry-leading dispense accuracy and process controls.