Machines and materials for PCB assembly

   1.  Manual, semi-automatic and automatic printers for solder paste and adhesives Speedprint (UK),  TWS (Italy),   Autotronik (Germany)

   2.  Automatic dispensing machines for solder paste, adhesives or polymer materials for encapsulation, underfill and other methods for protection of components or PCB's

Asymtek (USA)

   3.  Pick & Place machines Hanwha Techwin (Korea) Autotronik (Germany) TWS (Italy)
   4.  Reflow soldering ovens Heller (USA) Autotronik (Germany) TWS (Italy)
   5.  Selective soldering Please contact us for more information
   6.  Vapor phase soldering ovens Asscon (Germany)
   7.  Thermal profilers KIC (USA) TWS (Italy)
   8.  Automated optical inspection systems (AOI) Vi Technology (France)
   9.  Conveyors, loaders and unloaders Famecs (Korea)
   10.  Magazines for PCB's CAB (Germany)
   11.  Depanelling machines CAB (Germany), TWS (Italy)
   12.  Machines for automatic selective conformal coating Asymtek (USA)
   13.  Cleaning machines for PCB's, stencils and parts contaminated in machines used for PCB assembly PBT Works (Czech Republic)
   14.  Soldering and desoldering repair stations for PCB’s Pace (USA),   JBC (Spain), PDR (UK)
   15.  Solder paste, flux, solder wire and solder bar   Kester (USA)
   16.  Conformal coating materials, masking dots and tapes HumiSeal (USA)
   17.  Paper rolls for cleaning the stencils on automatic printers and cleaning wipes for PCB’s and stencils EDSON ELECTRONICS (UK)
   18.  Antistatic paint for production and warehouses areas EDSON ELECTRONICS (UK)

Please let us know if you want to provide you the list of major companies who use machinery and materials supplied by us.