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Machines and materials for PCB assembly



Reflow Inspection with RPI



  • Complete your comprehensive inspection
    solution by adding RPI to your SMT line.
    Make your oven smarter with KIC.


  • Meet all your auditors’ data requirements
    with Reflow Process Inspection.
    Production profile data for every panel with RPI.


  • Need better defect analysis? Combine reflow
    data with your SPI and AOI data for true
    defect data analytics.
    Without RPI you don’t have the complete


Thermal Profilers

KICstart2 KICstart2

The KICstart2 ™ thermal profiler utilizes
core technologies developed by KIC,
the world’s premier thermal profiling
company, and is supported by KIC’s
worldwide organization. Packaging
these innovative technologies into
a low-cost system, the KICstart2 is
an ideal cost effective thermal profiler.

SPS-on-edge SPS Smart Profiler

The SPS Smart Thermal Profiler
stands out as the best and “smartest”
temperature profiling data collection
system available. The hardware is
the best in temperature tolerance
design using an LCP (Liquid Crystal
Polymer) enclosure for better
protection and faster cool down
between profiles.
KIC - K2 KIC Profiler K²

This new K² Profile Setter makes oven
setup easy and quick. User friendliness
and convenience now include profile
viewing on Android and Apple mobile



KIC Robot KIC ProBot

The ProBot compliments the reflow oven by automatically
recording the profile for each and every processed PCB.
On the fly, the profile is compared to the established
process window to determine whether it is in spec or not.
This occurs in the background without human intervention
and without interrupting production.
The ProBot is programmed by running a manual profile
using a KIC profiler.
kic247_thumb KIC RPI

A reflow oven is a busy machine, striving to control
multiple variables while heating and cooling PCBs.
The purpose of the oven, however, is very simple.
A. Create a specific PCB profile
B. Maintain required throughput
The KIC RPI optimizes both of these outputs while
sharing the data on a continuous basis with the
authorized personnel.
kic247wave_thumb KIC 24/7 Wave

The KIC 24/7 Wave continuously tracks and
records real-time wave solder process data for
every product -- automatically in the background,
never interrupting your production. Process
data is automatically charted for all critical
process specs: maximum preheat temperature,
soak time, slope, wave temperature, etc.
The data is plotted on real-time control charts
and Process Capability (Cpk) is calculated for
each specification.
KIC-MVP-en-R1005BReduced KIC MVP

Program the KIC MVP™ fixture by running a single
profile on your PCB. Subsequent profile runs only
require the use of the MVP fixture without the
production board. The single programming run
eliminates the need to sacrifice your PCB.
kic_vision_thumb KIC Vision

Checking whether your thermal process is in-spec
involves manually running a periodic profile.
This necessary procedure disrupts your
production and requires allocation of labor time.
The KIC Vision™ system completely eliminates
the burden of manual periodic profiling.
kic_autofocus_thumb KIC Auto-Focus

The KIC Auto-Focus™ is a computer simulation
software option that eliminates the need to
"guess" at an initial oven recipe, and instead
calculates the ideal oven recipe.
kic_navigation_thumb KIC Navigator

KIC’s powerful Navigator™ software is a system
that automatically determines the
single best
oven recipe for every product
KIC_Auto_Focus_Power_Thumb KIC Auto-Focus Power

KIC’s powerful Auto-Focus Power™ is a system
that lowers your electricity use and improves
production quality
KIC_Navigator_Po_4cdd9eec0370a_90x90 KIC Navigator Power

KIC’s powerful Navigator Power™ software is
a system that lowers your electricity use and
improves production quality

kic_carrier_thumb KIC Carrier

The KIC Carrier further assists the task of
profiling, and is available in several models
to accomodate a variety of reflow process types.

Wave-Surfer-RBG-sml KIC Wave Surfer

The KIC® Wave Surfer™ is a self-contained
 system that provides critical data on wave
 solder machine set up and performance.

Thermal Shields KIC Thermal Shields
Thermocouple Thermocouples

KIC offers standard sized thermocouples
in a variety of temperature ranges and
wire lengths to meet virtually any
application requirements.