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Machines and materials for PCB assembly


Paper rolls for cleaning the stencils on automatic printers and cleaning wipes for PCB’s and stencils



Made from high performance 41gsm, 50gsm and 68gsm Polyester Cellulose materials, our Wiper Paper offers tremendous strength coupled with high absorbency. These rolls are designed to remove residual solder paste quickly and efficiently.

Note: Reference = Material Width x Core Length x Material Grade

Stencil roll Roll diag.


Manufacturer Core Length [mm] Material Width [mm] Core ID [mm] Reference
DEK 530 400 20 400/530/50
530 440 20 440/530/50
530 510 20 510/530/50
530 517 20 517/530/41
note: DEK cores are plastic with one end notched, 4 notches, to aid attachment
MPM 457 300 19,4 300/457/50
457 305 19,4 305/457/41
457 305 19,4 305/457/68
457 440 19,4 440/457/50
457 445 19,4 445/457/41
457 445 19,4 445/457/68
609 600 19,4 600/609/68
PANASONIC 450 440 18 440/450/50
540 510 18 510/540/50
ЕКRА 312 300 13,3 300/312/50
500 440 13,3 440/500/50



Pre Wipes "PreWipe"

PreWipes are new range of Pre-Saturated Tub
Wipes. Each Wipe is a substantial size,
200mm x 200mm, and offer excellent value for
money for such a quality product. The Wipes are
produced from a low linting material, offering
excellent strength and cleaning ability. PreWipes
are suitable for cleaning solder paste, inks, flux
and other residue left during the SMT processes.
Also recommended for tape drives, tape heads
and PCBs.
Available as follows: 200mm x 200mm - 130 per tub
ISO 501 I.P.A./D.I. Water (70/30)
Box Wipes "Lint Free Wipes - BW 150/PW 150"

Our best selling lint free wipes are now
available in an ESD safe Static Shielding bag.
Same quality, same number of wipes but
gives ultimate protection in static sensitive
areas. Our high quality 67gsm Polyester
Cellulose Wipes are specifically designed to
provide the best solution for cleaning within
the Electronic and Printing industries. These
lint free wipes are C folded and dispensed in
a recyclable, non static generative box.
BW150 / PW150 non-woven wipes combine
the soft strength of polyester with the high
absorbency of cellulose for critical cleaning,
drying and handling of sensitive components
and equipment.
Available as follows:
228mm x 210mm - 150 per pack