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Machines and materials for PCB assembly


Automatic dispensing machines for solder paste, adhesives or polymer materials for encapsulation, underfill and other methods for protection of components or PCB's



    PVA is an US company specialized in production of machines for precise application of one and two-component viscous materials used in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards, sensors and other electronic products, as well as machines for coating inspection.

    The PVA dispensing machines allow application of various materials produced by the world's leading companies - solder paste, adhesive as well as encapsulation, underfill, potting and other polymer materials for protection of chips or areas of PCB's.

    PVA is a world leader in this field based on high-speed solutions for precise dosing and accurate application of relevant materials.

    The main models offered are listed below.


Delta 8
Robotic dispensing system, providing 
maximum work area up to 621 x 595 mm and 
flexibility to perform a wide variety of applications. 

Delta 6
New flexible robotic dispensing system 
that is suitable for potting, bead, and 
meter-mix dispensing applications. 
Мaximum work area up to 521 x 485 mm. 

Flexible three or four-axis robot that is suitable 
for virtually any benchtop or laboratory 
automated dispensing application.  
Compact three-axis robotic gantry 
sutable for automating a variety 
of dispensing applications.  
Digital shot timer used for syringe dispensing 
and is suitable for materials  packaged in syringes 
such as solder paste, UV adhesives, masking 
materials, etc. 



Curing ovens


Uses Fusion® UV lamps by Heraeus to initiate 
fast ultraviolet light polymerization of adhesives 
and other materials in an efficient inline process.  
DeltaTherm DeltaTherm
Utilizes infrared panels to efficiently cure 
adhesives and other materials in a 
controlled heated environment. 


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