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Machines and materials for PCB assembly





Metronelec is a French company specialized in the production of test equipment for ionic contamination and solderability, as well as machines for abrasive removal of conformal coatings from printed circuit boards. It was found in 1975 and has been one of the world's leading manufacturers in these fields for many years. The company's products are recognized for their high precision, reliability and convenience to work with them. Ionic contamination and solderability testers work in 2 Bulgarian companies.  



Tank size 350 x 290 x 80 mm
Chemistry 50 or 75 % IPA / DI water
Resin Swappable cartridge containing 1 litre of resin
Measure range from 0.01 to 20.00 μg Eq NaCl / cm²
Sensivity 0.0001 μS/cm or 0.003 μgEqNaCl/cm² for a pcb of 100 cm²
Power supply 230 V AC 50 Hz , 110V AC 60 Hz in option
Weight Around 17 kgs
Overall dimensions L x l x h : around 510 x 315 x 590 mm (LxWxH)